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How To Do It

Beginning Woodturning and Safety


General Woodturning Sites

How To

  · Woodturner's Resource - Wide range of woodturning resources, on-line videos, tutorials, etc.

· Woodturning Online - Articles for the beginner, miscellaneous articles on techniques, etc. 

· - Woodturning Wizardry Web site - equipment, techniques, supplies.

· Marshall's Woodturning Links - Excellent "launching point"

· Around the Woods - General Woodturning 
Doc Green's Woodtirning site

  Green Wood Processing

History of Lathes and Woodturning

Hollowing Methods

Lathe and Chuck Maintenance

 Lathe Tool Making

Online Video & Resources

  Ornamental Turning


Pen Turning



 AAW Safety Guidebook

The Wood Database  - Wood Allergies and Toxicity

UK HSE information  - Toxic Wood

Wood/Dust Toxicity Article
Toxic Woods and Occupational Lung Diseases-
Interesting Article by Mark Anderson, M.D.
Turning Injuries: Learning the Hard Way-Woodcentral Article

Sanding on the Lathe

Segmented Turning


Spalted Wood

Part I of VIII part video on spalt by Dr. Sara Robinson and Mark Lindquist

Surface Embellishment

  •          Tools to Embellish
  • Fillers

Techniques , Tips & Hints

Turkey Calls

       Grassy Creek

    Vacum Chucking

    Work Holding

    Finding Wood

    What Tree is This